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Tinker's Troubles

Sheet Music: $25


  1. Crash cymbal, Bass drum (very deep), Cowbell, High tam-tam
  2. Gong, High-tam-tam, Low tam-tam, Cowbell
  3. 2 Bongos, Tenor drum, 2 Bass drums (medium & large)
  4. Field drum, Tenor drum
  5. Siren (high), String drum/Lion's roar
  6. Slapstick, Guiro, Siren (low)
  7. Triangle, Claves, 3 Woodblocks (or temple blocks)
  8. Maracas, Snare drum
  9. Suspended cymbal, Piccolo snare drum, Snare drum
  10. Crash cymbals, Sleigh bells, Chimes
  11. Guiro, Castanets, Bells
  12. Tambourine, 2 Anvils (Brake drums), Large tam-tam
  13. Triangle, Sleigh bells, Slapstick, Piano

Tinker's Troubles was commissioned as part of the "Ion Project", by Brett Dietz and Hamiruge: The LSU Percussion Group. In celebration of the 80th anniversary of Varèse's landmark "Ionisation", all of the Ion Project works mirror the instrumentation of the original.

Commissioned and Premiered by Hamiruge - The LSU Percussion Group. Brett William Dietz, Music Director. The Ion Project - March 6, 2014. Louisiana State University, School of Music Recital Hall.