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Visions in a Dream

Sheet Music: $25

Instrumentation: 5 players

  1. 2 Marimba
  2. 2 Vibraphone
  3. 1 Timpani


  1. Intro/dissolution
  2. By Torchlight
  3. The Dark is Deep
  4. Where Stars Fall
  5. Waking to...?

Dreams are unpredictable; they can take us to impossibly beautiful landscapes, and they can leave us cowering in terror. People, both real and imaginary come and go in a dream, and time itself becomes completely distorted. Unthinkable adventures can be had while dreaming - all of this is what makes dreams so special and powerful. Visions in a Dream attempts to explore some of these ideas. While the piece is clearly programmatic, it might be more appropriate to think of it as background music for a dream. Mysterious, surreal, beautiful, frantic - these are primary qualities of dreams, like blue and yellow are primary colors. The music attempts to capture these qualities - the essence of dreams.

Sample Music

By Torchlight

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